Jigarthanda – Jigar+Thanda literally means cooling the heart. This is very very popular summer drink in South India especially in Madurai, a town in Tamil Nadu state.  It is said that this drink was introduced to Madurai by Mohemmedan rulers.  The Beverage is usually sold as ‘Jil Jil Jigarthanda’ which means ‘Cool’ for word Jil and  ‘Jigar’ and ‘Thanda’ means ‘Heart’ and  ‘ cold’ in Hindi.  As the name implies this cools your body and heart during summer.    This is a rich drink.  It has the following ingredients.

Is jigarthanda made of almond pisin, as Aruni claims, or kadal paasi, as everyone else seems to refer to the gelatinous substance that dissolves into noodle-like extrusions? The confusion is resolved by Qader, as he discloses his recipe. “The almond pisin looks like kadal paasi, so everyone calls it that. It’s the same thing.” (I wonder what the professor, with his seafaring theories, would have to say to this.)

Located on the busy East Marret and South Masi Street junction, the jigarthanda shop attracts at least few hundreds everyday and peaks further during summer.

The business was started by our father P.S. Sheik Meeran in 1977. “We are from Aaraampannai Village near Tirunelveli. My father first sold ice creams made of milk, sugar and vanilla essence for existence. ,”. If one goes to Madurai, cannot return without tasting Jigarthanda. Jigarthanda is available all over madurai city in the name of madurai famous jigarthanda, near Tirumalai Nayakar Palace. Have the cool in your heart.